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The 93x Approach

We’ve developed our own unique approach that’s specific to the B2B technology sector. It’s based on our own experience of working in-house and it’s designed to empower B2B marketers to be a pillar of their businesses’ growth.

Our approach is built an intricate understanding of B2B buyer journeys: they are often long, considered and complex whilst involving multiple decision-makers.

Services based on objectives

This means we only deliver digital marketing services relevant to your objectives. We do this by starting with consultancy, audits & health checks where we review your current setup and benchmark KPIs based on our suggestions.

We prioritise one objective to work towards for a set period. At the end of which we review that KPI against the previous benchmark and then either prioritise another objective or continue on the current one.

digital marketing services

A unique B2B Tech Framework

Based on our experience working in-house in B2B tech businesses we’ve developed a framework for deciding which KPIs and objectives to prioritise. We categorise objectives either to align towards either improving efficiency or increasing scale, the balance between idealistic marketing and pragmatism.

We use a combination of our experience and the KPIs to thin-slice your data and make decisions about which sub goals to prioritise over a certain period.

Join our Community

B2B Tech Marketers are often facing similar problems. Some people will have already solved the issues you are experiencing and vice versa. We set up FINITE as a community for B2B Tech Marketers to connect, share, learn & grow together.

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B2B Digital Marketing

What’s your main digital marketing objective?

Set KPIs & Report on ROI

If you’re struggling with this then it’s usually the first point of call. It doesn’t need to be complex, we’ll setup and track the KPIs we think you need to report on and we’ll provide you with the tools to present it back to your business in an engaging way.

Set KPIs & reporting

Increase web traffic

Increasing web traffic is a key to scaling lead generation on your website. We can help by increasing Organic Traffic through SEO and Content Marketing or run PPC and Paid Social Campaigns to deliver faster results.

Increase web traffic

Improve website conversion

Improve the efficiency of your digital marketing funnel by ensuring your website is a conversion machine. A poorly designed website can make or break your digital marketing. Luckily we’re experts in B2B websites.

Website Conversion

Generate qualified leads

Lead Generation is the bread and butter of any B2B marketer. It’s often the thing we are measured on at the end of the Quarter. Everything we do at 93x always relate back to this top level goal.

B2B Lead Generation

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