b2b seo briefing template

B2B SEO Briefing Template

Looking to brief an SEO agency? Here’s the template we use for new B2B specific SEO projects.

Getting the most of your SEO agency requires a great brief

A great project starts with a great brief. SEO projects are no different. It may seem obvious that the brief is to increase our rankings in search engines but there’s so much you can do within SEO, you need to be able to prioritise and ensure that the keywords you want to rank for are the right ones and that will eventually lead to the right traffic being driven to the website.

Not sure if you need help with SEO?

If you’re ensure about exactly what you need or whether or not SEO is the right channel to achieve your companies objectives then try filling out our digital marketing brief template. This gives a digital marketing agency a better idea of your overall objectives without focusing on a specific channel straight away.