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As a B2B tech-specific agency we believe in content marketing that generates leads. In B2B marketing content is king. We have an intricate understanding of the sometimes lengthy and complex buyer journeys in the B2B technology sector. We know from personal experience how critical content is in driving leads and engaging prospects.

Content Strategy & Planning

Research, data and insights come together to shape any strong strategy, and it is no different when it comes to content strategy. Whether its blog content, product data sheets, white-papers or video, we can help craft a successful B2B content strategy from the ground up.

Content Marketing for SEO

The strongest of SEO strategies are content led, so our content marketing plans for B2B technology clients are built with SEO in mind and the experience of using content to improve organic search acquisition for leading B2B technology companies.

Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3 times as many leads

Demand Metric

Interactive Content For SEO Outreach

Beyond just writing blog posts and long-form thought leadership content. We can generate stand alone interactive websites using our web development skills. This type of content is a lot more engaging than reading an article and can be used for a SEO focused link building strategy.

Content promotion and PR

Using paid media, PPC and outreach or digital PR, we make quality content go further, gaining brand awareness and filling the top of the funnel. This is a great way to generate leads for B2B businesses, you’re pitching your content, that is your product.

Map out your content

We can help you map your current content to your buyers funnel. This helps you see where you have gaps and possibly even too much content. Doing this sort of mapping is useful for when you decide to start doing some email marketing automation.

Content for Lead Generation

Content is essential for a successful lead generation strategy in B2B marketing. Long-form content should be a part of your lead generating tool-kit. Things like buyer guides, the beginners guide to… etc are the types of content that can drive top of funnel leads.

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Content Marketing for B2B Companies

Content Marketing is no secret. Every B2B company realises that this needs to be a core part of their marketing strategy. Lots of Marketers are capable of writing content and implementing a content strategy focused on the buyer’s values and the personas you have developed. The difficulty is translating this into value added to the business by driving more traffic to the website or using it in the buyer journey to increase lead conversion rates.

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Content Marketing Agency London

We’re a B2B focused Content Marketing Agency in London. We specialise in helping growing B2B companies produce content that will help generate qualified leads for their pipeline. We combine our content marketing strategies with SEO to make sure your business gets the most exposure possible.

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