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Quality over quantity

Usually when a business is scaling, more leads is the main objective. It will quickly become apparent that quantity isn’t always a good thing when it comes to lead generation if you spend more time qualifying out than in.

generate more qualified b2b website leads
B2B Lead Generation

4 common problems

Pressure from sales
If you are working with a sales team then you know their salary is often dependant on leads. So it is completely understandable why they put marketing under pressure more more ‘good quality’ leads. This can put a strain on the relationship between sales and marketing, but it’s not always the case and it doesn’t need to be that way.
Lots of ‘bad’ quality leads
The number of leads is not always the main issue. Sometimes the main problem is the fact they are very poor quality. Maybe you are getting lots of spam through your web forms or maybe nobody is submitting the information you have asked for. Sometimes a mis-communication from your website to the prospect means they think your service is something it’s not.
Poor CRM integration
This is often seen as a technical issue but really its a major business issue. If your leads are not being correctly fed into a CRM system then you are missing out on lots of data that can help you figure out how they found you and if someone has spoken to them before. You can make your business look very amateur very quickly if you pick up the phone to someone your colleague just spoke to yesterday – this is all about CRM.
I don’t know what works
A lot of new marketing teams spend a lot of time and money on trying to find the channels that work for Lead Generation. This can mean trying everything and getting know where. This is common, and to be honest it is part of the learning process of becoming a B2B marketer. Luckily we have been there and done that before so we know generally what works and what doesn’t for B2B marketing.
B2B Lead Generation Services

How we can help you with B2B Lead Generation

Lead Qualification Workshops

Knowing what a ‘good’ lead is often floating around in peoples heads. It’s Tribal Knowledge. We can sit down with you and your sales team to document exactly what a ‘Qualified’ lead is to your business. This is essential for getting sales and marketing alignment.

CRM Integrations & Setup

We have experience in setting up and managing CRM systems for multi-million dollar B2B businesses with thousands of users. We recommend HubSpot for B2B Tech Businesses and we’re a certified agency partner.

SEO for B2B

SEO is one of the best channels in terms of ROI. It takes a bit longer for Lead Generation but it plays an important part in driving more traffic to your website so you can work on converting that traffic into good quality leads.

Lead Generation Campaigns

We can run Paid Social Lead Generation campaigns on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. All these platforms have developed a strong offering for delivering B2B campaigns and can supplement leads generated through your website.

Ready to scale your digital marketing?

If you think you’re ready to invest in your B2B digital marketing strategy then drop us a line and we’ll have a chat.

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