Ideal Client Profile Template

An Ideal client profile is description of a client/customer that would greatly benefit from your product or service and provide you with significant value in exchange. It is the same principal as a buyer persona except it is done for the whole company

Why have an ideal client profile?

Documenting an ideal client profile is a good way of agreeing internally the types of businesses that you are trying to win as clients. It will also help you with any online targeting you do and will allow you to asses email marketing lists to see if they are relevant.

Why Document these things?

Many growing businesses live off tribal knowledge. You know this information but it isn’t written down and shared in a central location. This means when you hire new staff members in sales and marketing, this information has to be relearned from scratch.

Need help with your digital strategy?

We’ve created a simple pdf document with the outline of a basic B2B digital strategy

If you are looking for help with your digital marketing strategy then download our lean digital strategy template.

We’ve included some tips and some basic tactics to get you started on your own digital marketing strategy.

b2b digital strategy template

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