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Our inbound marketing services are B2B tech-specific. In B2B marketing content is king. We have an intricate understanding of the sometimes lengthy and complex buyer journeys in the B2B technology sector.

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What is inbound marketing?

Our inbound marketing services are based on the idea of drawing in potential customers, as opposed to you having to push your brand or business out there. The end goal of Inbound Marketing is that you generate more leads.

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Content as part of Inbound Marketing

Research, data and insights come together to shape any strong strategy, and it is no different when it comes to content strategy. Whether its blog content, product data sheets, white-papers or video, we can help craft a successful B2B content strategy from the ground up.

SEO strategies are content led, so our content marketing plans for B2B technology clients are built with SEO in mind and the experience of using content to improve organic search acquisition for leading B2B technology companies.

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Content led SEO for inbound leads

Generating more organic traffic through SEO and content marketing is a major part of inbound marketing. We use the latest data to research keywords to be used to direct your content marketing strategy.

Content focused lead generation

Another major aspect of inbound marketing is creating useful content in an engaging format. Buyers are often in the information gathering stage in the B2B buyer journey. This is when insightful and useful content can place your company at the forefront of their mind and at the same time you’ll be able to build your email list.

Inbound Marketing as part of a B2B Digital Marketing Strategy

Inbound marketing is popular strategy for B2B digital marketers, but it’s not the only option. Just like a well balanced diet, a well balance digital marketing strategy contains a variety of different tactics so that your leads are evenly spread.

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