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B2B PPC can be your route to a steady stream of qualified leads if done correctly. With shorter term results than content led SEO marketing it’s an important tool in a software companies B2B digital strategy.

Refined Digital Strategies

We’ve implemented these tactics again and again.

B2B Tech Specialists

Specialists in the B2B technology & SaaS.

senior digital marketers
Senior Digital Marketers

You’ll be working with senior digital marketers.

Bang for your Buck

Focused on getting the most out of your ad budget.

Use B2B PPC across the buyer journey

PPC can be used to build brand awareness, stay in touch with existing leads and generate new ones through a variety of different tactics & strategies. We can help with one part of this 360 approach or we can look after the end-to-end strategy, from awareness to lead nurturing.

ppc for brand awareness and lead nurturing

Landing pages built to convert

A lot of issues with PPC campaigns come down to a mismatch between what the person clicked on and what they see when they land on your website. Because we were born out of London’s leading WordPress agency we can help build landing pages that convert for your PPC campaigns, not just run them.

landing pages for b2b software companies

Smarter bidding strategies

We’ll always try and find new opportunities for your PPC campaigns. It’s not always efficient to target the highest volume and audiences. We’ll research potential niche audiences and targeting options that will mean greater ROI for your PPC campaigns.

ppc for b2b keyword research

PPC as part of a B2B Digital Marketing Strategy

PPC is just one part of a successful B2B digital marketing strategy. Ideally a growing business should be using a number of different tactics to generate leads so they aren’t too reliant on one.

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