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We’re a London based PPC Agency focusing on B2B technology businesses. We help businesses navigate Pay Per Click advertising and get the most of of platforms like Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads. We use PPC alongside Inbound Marketing Strategies to supplement slower more organic growth with short term gains based on a small investment in paid advertising. We use proven PPC strategies that we have implemented in the past for a number of different objectives. From brand awareness to lead generation.

Brand Protection on Google Search

Protect your brand from companies bidding on your domain name. Brand hi-jacking is very common on Google. This is where a rival company bids on your brand name. For example See below where Monday.com are bidding on HubSpot’s brand name.

Re-engage web visitors

Stay in the mind of your prospects by using google re-marketing adverts targeted at people who have previously visited your website. Even display specific segmented ads depending on what they have viewed on your websites.

Speak to one of our Digital Strategists about implementing a PPC strategy alongside SEO.

Paid Ads on Google Solution Specific Terms

PPC For Brand Awareness

Although short for Pay Per Click. You can use the same platform to increase Brand Awareness for switching campaigns goal to impressions rather than clicks. This is useful if you are wanting to get more eyes on your brand but not actually drive them to your website.

Bid on Solution Specific Terms

PPC for B2B companies is also effective when bidding on high volume, highly competitive search terms. An example here is “email marketing software uk”. These are people who know they need email marketing software and are looking to compare solutions.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is well known to be one of the best marketing channels for B2B digital marketers. It has an audience of professionals that are happy to consume relevant content in relation to their work. You can also run re-targeting on LinkedIn based on what pages people have visited on your website.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is often the best platform for engagement. It was originally used more by B2C companies, but in the past few years it has been very successful for B2B companies as they focus in on marketing to the person rather than the company. What we call B2H marketing or ‘Business to Human’.

Setting up an audience in LinkedIn Ad Manager

Balancing PPC with SEO

SEO is the holy grail of lead generation for B2B businesses. Its low cost and high conversion return on investment is what makes it the champion of traffic to your website, organic web traffic just converts more. But PPC is also a valuable tactic to employ. It can be very targeted and if you have a specific search term in mind and have built a well thought through landing page for the advert it can convert really well.

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London Based PPC Agency

We’re a London based PPC agency focusing on helping growing B2B businesses get the most out of Paid advertising. We work with some of the fastest growing technology businesses around and help them generate more B2B leads through Paid Social Media and PPC campaigns.

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