Digital Marketing Retainers

Starting from £2,400 / Delivery 1-2 Weeks

Our consultants have a track record of defining and executing on B2B digital marketing strategies for some of the most ambitious B2B technology, software & SaaS companies. We partner with our clients to shape briefs and roadmaps, because we believe the best briefs are co-created.


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Per Month


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What’s included?

Defining your target audience

Who your key audience is, what the Ideal Client Profile is, and what the main buyer personas are. We then build this into suggested audience segmentation that can be used for various digital marketing channels.

Keyword Research

A foundation for any successful B2B digital marketing strategy is keyword research. We’ll conduct in-depth research into the search terms used by your buyers and their intent. This will be used to recommend website design and content marketing strategy.

6 Month Digital Plan

We’ll put together a 6-month digital marketing plan based on the strategy. This will have a variety of options built into it that can be chosen based on your monthly budgets.

Picking the right digital platforms

After reviewing your audience, we’ll suggest the digital marketing channels we think you should be using to reach them. This is a combination of our experience in B2B tech and your audiences demographics.

Online Competitor Discovery

As part of our work, we’ll review your known competitor’s online presence and we’ll also help you discover your unknown online competitors. These are the people competing for similar search terms as yourself and therefore similar traffic.

Marketing Technology Audit

We’ll check what you are currently using for your marketing technology stack and make suggestions that are designed for flexibility and growth.

Tools we use

HubSpot Partner London

Looking for a template to work from?

If you are just looking for some tips to work from then you can download our B2B digital marketing strategy template which outlines some of the key points you should be considering.

Digital Marketing Consultants London

How we can help

Digital Marketing Strategy

We are experienced in crafting B2B Digital Marketing Strategies for growing technology businesses. We work towards increasing your Marketing Qualified Leads as our top priority.

Website Conversion

We’re born out 93digital. An award winning WordPress Agency in London, so we know our stuff when it comes to B2B website design. We build B2B websites that are designed to convert.

Content Marketing Strategy

B2B Marketing is essentially based around content marketing. We can help construct a proven Content Marketing Strategy using assets that will help deliver more leads to your business

SEO Strategy

We deliver SEO strategies specific to B2B businesses to help drive more organic growth. Whether it’s on-site technical work or backlink building through content outreach, we can help.

Join our community today

When we’re not busy at 93x, we run FINITE – the private community for B2B marketers working in the technology sector.

We carry out research, host interviews and organise events & private dinners for B2B tech marketers to learn, share and grow. We’d love you to join us.


digital marketing consultants

Digital Marketing Consultants London

Experienced digital marketing strategists based in London. We’ve worked in house in companies big and small and know how to craft digital marketing strategies that deliver and relate back to the broader business objectives.

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