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Proving marketing ROI

Choosing the right KPIs to report on can be tricky, especially when reporting back to peers. One person may think bounce rate is important, the other may not care. We work with KPIs that relate back to specific objectives so they are relevant to the overall business goals. ROI marketing digital strategies designed for B2B tech businesses.

proving digital marketing roi

Marketing ROI

4 Common problems

Buy-in from leadership
Not all businesses see the value in marketing, or if they do, they don’t know how to measure the value to their business. It’s up to marketing teams to prove their value to the business and become a core pillar of the companies growth strategy. We help you show the value you are contributing to the businesses bottom line in a way that’s fast and easily digestible for the pragmatists in the room.
Poor Data and CRM
Your database is out of date and doesn’t hold the right information. You have lots of legacy data fields and lots of fields that aren’t populated correctly or even filled in at all. This means you can’t track marketing attribution correctly. You’ve fallen at the first hurdle effectively. We’ll review your data and CRM system to ensure it’s all connected together correctly and your data fields are set up to scale.
Budget for your ‘wish list’
Not being able to prove marketing value and the return on investment means it’s harder to get budget for other essentials like branding, hiring and the things that will ‘delight’ your customers. Once you can prove your worth, you essentially gain more trust and have more freedom.
Too much to measure
With analytics on everything under the sun it’s difficult to pick out the meaningful statistics. You increased the average time spent on page, so what? What does that mean to the business? Quite often the answer to these questions all come down to a few key indicators. We focus on these and use a thin-slicing approach to measuring success in marketing.

How we can help set KPIs and report on marketing ROI

Dynamic Dashboards

To make it easy and digestible for your peers and the leadership team we can develop dynamic dashboard that hold all the information you need to report back to the business on the digital marketing activities. We’ll also benchmark our KPIs at the start so ROI can be tracked.

Objective based KPIs

We relate our KPIs back to some overall objectives. Ensuring that everything we do can be tracked back to one of these objectives means that it’s clear what we are working towards and how it effects the companies pipeline.

Ready to scale your digital marketing?

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