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Scalable digital marketing strategies

A lot of B2B software companies struggle with scaling their lead generation. The key to successfully scaling a growing software business is building a predictable pipeline of leads that can increase with investment.

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Efficient and scalable lead generation

Most companies struggle with lead generation because they focus on the quantity before quality. They often invest more money only to find all the new leads are not qualified enough. We help you first be as efficient as possible so that when you scale, you can predict qualified leads.

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Building predictable lead generation

✓ Analysis of how you qualify your leads

✓ Integration between website & CRM system

✓ Conversion tracking set up for paid channels

✓ Implementation of marketing automation

✓ Review of sales and marketing handover

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Digital Marketing

Our Services

Digital Marketing Strategy
Fully managed digital marketing strategies for B2B software companies looking to grow.

Digital Marketing Strategy
Inbound Marketing
Attract marketing qualified leads to your business through inbound marketing tactics used by leading B2B companies.

Inbound Marketing Services
SEO (Search)
Gain more organic traffic and ultimately low cost leads through improved search engine rankings.

B2B SEO Services
Paid Ad Management
Management and optimisation of your paid digital marketing channels like Google, LinkedIn & Facebook.

Paid Ad Management
What does that actually involve?

Well some examples might be…

  • Google Ad Management
  • SEO Audits
  • Content Production for SEO
  • Linkedin Campaign Management
  • Google Tag Manager Setup
  • Lead Attribution
  • Digital Marketing Dashboards
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Facebook Advertising

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When we’re not busy at 93x, we run FINITE – the private community for B2B marketers working in the technology sector.

We carry out research, host interviews and organise events & private dinners for B2B tech marketers to learn, share and grow. We’d love you to join us.


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