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We’re a London Based B2B SEO Agency specialising in search engine optimisation for B2B technology companies. Search is only part of our B2B services but it’s one of our strongest skills.

Full SEO Audits

Search engine optimisation is important for every company. But in the B2B technology sector, SEO is be a critical driver of regular and sustained traffic that ultimately drives lead generation. Our approach to SEO combines thorough research, deep technical understanding and leading edge content strategy to deliver sustained growth in organic search visibility and SEO rankings for our B2B technology clients.

Monthly SEO Services

Based on an SEO audit we can pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses in your setup. Using our expertise specifically in B2B SEO we will build an SEO Strategy based on what we know works and what we think will work for your business.

seo rank tracking in semrush

Helping you rank for generic searches

A branded search is one relating to your brand name. Implying the searcher is already aware of your company for example “93x agency” or “93x” would be branded search terms for us. But a generic search term would be “Digital Marketing Agency London” or “B2B digital Marketing Agency“. These are people who are solution aware but they are looking for options.

Keyword Research

Keywords define your SEO, Content and Inbound Marketing Strategy. It begins with understanding your audience, that means your ideal client profile, the buyer personas within these clients and their search intent. Get this wrong and you can be going completely in the wrong direction from the start.

71% of B2B researchers start with a generic search, not a branded one.

Think With Google

Link Building

Links to your website from other reliable and relevant websites are still the fundamental signal used within scoring webpages. They are referred to as Backlinks. It’s not a question of volume of links, it’s a question of relevance and how much authority that website has. Link building is a combination of great content and digital PR.

Content Marketing

B2B SEO is basically content marketing, and content marketing is SEO. Producing relevant and interesting content is your best weapon when it comes to search engine optimisation. This is more than just a blog post, it’s creating interactive creative content that can be used to build relevant backlinks to your website.

Onsite SEO

Onsite SEO basically means making edits on your website to help it rank better in search engines. Examples of onsite SEO are editing META Descriptions, Page Titles, ALT attributes on images and keyword usage across the website.

Technical SEO Website Crawls

We use the industry standard SEO tools like ScreamingFrog to crawl your website to detect problems with every page. We’ll be able to see if it’s indexed, what the word count is, what the Meta Descriptions are etc.

seo technical audits

Keyword Ranking Tracking & Reporting

Want to keep track of where your website ranks for your keywords? We can provide you have a dashboard from which you can see live positions. Keep on top of where you are and

Join our community today

When we’re not busy at 93x, we run FINITE – the private community for B2B marketers working in the technology sector.

We carry out research, host interviews and organise events & private dinners for B2B tech marketers to learn, share and grow. We’d love you to join us.


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