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Content marketing is at the heart of every successful B2B technology digital strategy. We’re the B2B content marketing agency that helps B2B technology, software & SaaS companies build content that drives awareness, leads, and supports the sales journey.


Content is at the core of every successful B2B marketing strategy

Whether it’s B2B SEO, lead generation, email drip campaigns or content to enable sales. Content is at the centre of everything in a modern marketing strategy. As a leading B2B content marketing agency we help technology marketing teams define content journeys for their buyers and produce the right content at the right time for the right people.


Quality content for qualified leads

As a B2B content marketing agency, our focus on producing high quality content that aids the buyer journey and generates high quality leads through digital channels.

Why B2B tech companies choose us

Content that actually ranks

Quality in the top, quality out the bottom. We focus on generating niche quality traffic through SEO content strategies rather than go for the big ticket keywords that may drive traffic but not leads.

Supporting internal teams

By focusing on your niche and key buyer personas we help increase the average deal size of your leads. We’re after fewer higher quality deals to ensure a really efficient inbound funnel.

Latest technology

Better quality traffic and leads means more marketing qualified leads, more MQLs means more sales qualified leads and eventually more clients. Our focus on quality starts with a focus on the bottom line.

In-house WordPress Developers

Quality SEO strategies rely on great page experience and website design. We’re lucky to have an in-house team of award-winning WordPress developers to help us craft great content experiences.

content performance

Content Inventories & SEO Performance

Discover exactly what content you have on your website and how it’s performing in regards to SEO. This means how many keywords you rank for, what positions and how that translates into traffic. Discover which of your blog posts are adding to your marketing efforts and which aren’t.

keyword research

keyword research

Content planning using keyword data

We help internal marketing teams and their copywriters plan their content marketing strategies based on keyword data. Often content marketing is a guessing game when it comes to what to write about, we provide the data to enable marketers to make more informed decisions about what to write about.

SEO optimisation

Optimise existing content for SEO performance

Before creating any new content, it’s prudent to always look to optimise the existing content on a website. Often content can written without a search specialists keen eye cast over it. As part of our initial SEO audit we will look for opportunities in your existing content before we recommend creating new content pieces on your website.

CONtent production

Journalist grade content

Content based on search data

We provide our clients with in-depth keyword research using our own unique methods. This enables copywriters to write content for search engines that are more likely to found by the right audience.

Utilise AI for content briefs

We utilise the latest in AI technology to search the web for related content and semantic content to ensure when we create briefs for copywriters they are armed with the best information available.

Journalist grade content

We work with a pool of talented B2B technology content writers who produce the highest grade of content available for our clients if they require support with content production.

B2B Content Marketing Services

Content Inventories

Establish what content you have online, how it’s performing and how it fits into your buyer journey.

Content Planning

We produce content plans based on real-time search data rather than guesswork.

Content Writing

When required we can help you source and manage some the best content writers around.

B2B Content Strategies

We help clients develop end-to-end B2B content marketing strategies that drive leads.

Content Performance

Keep track of how well your marketing content is ranking in search engines.

SEO Content

Keep track of how well your marketing content is ranking in search engines.

content performance

Track your content performance with keyword rankings

As a leading B2B content marketing agency we always track the performance of your blog content by receiving real-time ranking data into one of our digital dashboards.

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Most frequent B2B content marketing agency questions and answers:

B2B content marketing is the process by which a B2B business uses content to achieve it’s marketing objectives. This can include content strategy, content production and content distribution, along with analytics and reporting to measure content marketing ROI.

Whether it’s improving brand awareness, driving leads or enabling sales, content plays a critical role for every B2B tech company we work with in driving successful marketing outcomes and company growth.

A content marketing funnel maps out how you use content to attract potential customers to your business.

In doing so, you use content to guide them towards becoming a buyer across the various often lengthy stages common in B2B. 

Using content marketing, you can draw prospects in to the top of the funnel with informative, educational and useful content that aligns with their pain points. From there you can gradually guide them down towards the bottom with more focused content that addresses their relevant challenges as they progress along the buyer journey.

Before you can define a B2B content marketing strategy, there are a number of foundations you need to have in place.

Without a deep understanding of your user personas, ideal customer profiles and buyer journey, it’s very hard to where to begin, so this is a the best starting point. Ultimately a content marketing strategy relies on being relevant and empathetic, so you need to understand your audiences challenges in great depth.

Once these foundations are in place, we then use research and data driven insights to shape our client’s content marketing approach.

This is all work we can help with, so just get in touch if you’re interested in hearing how we define content marketing strategies for B2B tech, software & SaaS clients.

B2B content marketing can be hugely effective, regardless of your marketing objectives. 

Each year, we see investments in content marketing increasing.

From awareness to lead generation to improving  pipeline velocity and shortening the sales cycle. We’ve seen strategic and well executed content marketing strategies completely transform our clients’ growth.

Measuring the success of your B2B content marketing initiatives can be tricky, but depends on your objectives and where you are focusing your content marketing efforts.

If you’re producing mainly top of funnel content, you might measure success through website traffic.

Whereas if you’re producing more middle or bottom of funnel content you might be more focused on measuring conversions from your content.

Get in touch, and we can help you map this out and support with the analytics & tag management implementations needed to make it easy.