B2B PPC Agency for Technology Companies

Google PPC, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook & Instagram are all channels that can play their part in strategic B2B digital marketing strategies to guide prospects along the journey and down the funnel.


Use LinkedIn & Google Ads for predictive B2B lead generation

PPC, Paid search and paid social are key components of a B2B digital marketing strategy where you are looking to build some predictability into your lead generation. Whilst waiting for the value of your SEO work to start paying dividends, performance based tactics can provide short-term results.


Paid campaigns for faster results

We utilise PPC & paid social campaigns to provide our clients quick win and more targeted results, whilst putting in place longer term strategies using SEO and content.

Lower volume, larger returns. Quality over quantity.

We specialise in work on PPC & paid search campaigns targeting niche markets that don’t always have the highest search volumes. They do, however, often return higher deal values, often reaching into the £millions. B2B is often about quality over quantity.

Why tech companies trust our B2B PPC Agency

A focus on conversions

We focus on conversions, not cost per click (CPC). Of course we optimise accounts as much as possible, but we are focused on the number of conversions and lead generation.

Working backwards from value

We work backwards from the average deal value (ADV) or lifetime value (LTV) of your clients, to estimate how much you should be spending on the cost of acquisition related to conversion rates.

Aligned with B2B buyer intent

Often we are working in niche technology markets and that means in-depth keyword research to understand the right targeting, aligned with B2B buyer journey intent, for your PPC campaigns.

UX, Design & Paid Search

Great paid search campaigns require a great page experience on the landing page. Our in-house design and development team are experts in building UX focused pages that convert.


Real-time reporting built into a custom dashboard

Our B2B PPC Agency clients all have their own custom dashboard where we can plug Google Analytics, Search Console and Google Ads into the same view, along with wider conversion and lead generation data.

Analytics tracking


Add momentum with retargeting campaigns

Retargeting campaigns are an effective way of staying top of mind and re-engaging website visitors and your audiences across the digital channels they are using every day.

linkedin retargeting
keyword research

keyword research

Keyword research to support paid search

Keyword research is a pivotal part of any paid search campaign and strategy. Get the keyword research and planning wrong and you have already fallen at the first hurdle.

Our approach

Quality over quantity

Improve Conversion Rates

We focus on transactional keywords where buyers are ready to get in touch, relevant to the stage in their buyer journey.

Quality UX & Web Design

Great search ads require great landing pages, optimised for conversion. Too often search ads are let down by the quality of the landing pages behind them.

High Quality Scores

All of the above lead us to focus on running search adverts that have high quality scores and therefore drive down the cost per click.

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